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Rodney Wilson Economics, Ethics and Religion: Jewish, Christian and Muslim Economic Thought New York: New York University Press, 1997 233 P. (including a bibliography and an index). *Reviewed by: SYED NAWAB HAIDER NAQVI Rector, Kausar University of Sciences, Islamabad. Rodney Wilson's book aims to highlight the religious-ethical basis of economic actions through the kaleidoscope of` "comparative religions perspectives on economics" (p. 21). The economic teachings of the three great religions in the Abrahamic tradition - namely, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam - are juxtaposed here in one volume to facilitate a fruitful inter-religious dialogue on common moral and economic concerns of a modern society. Wilson, "as a Christian who has participated in interfaith dialogue" (p. 2), was well-placed to write such a wide-ranging, wellresearched work which seeks to unite, rather than divide, the 'peoples of the Book', a welcome news for those who would rather reject the dark forebodings of the "Clash of Civilizations". He draws freely on a large number of writings of 'authentic' exponents of the Judaic, Christian and Islamic points of view and compares, without being polemical, their competing but mostly complementary (if seen in the 'correct' historic sequence), positions on economic matters. Written in a racy, persuasive style, the book impresses the reader as a work of significant scholarship. Although a wide field is traversed here, the narrative builds on the following fundamental propositions. Due to an oversight in printing the book review in the previous issue of the Journal [Vol. 12, 1420 A.H., 2000 A.D., pp. 69-73 (English section)], where a whole page was missed, we reprint the full book review (the missing portion lies between the phrase ending “……. economic system (pp. 124-125) and the phrase starting “private property”, (line 39, p. 72). We regret the oversight and apologize for any incovenience.

Economics, Ethics and Religion- Jewish, Christian and Muslim Economic Thought
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